Homesteading:  A Poetry Sampler 

We present here poems from a diverse group of poets who explore some poetic homesteading by tending to our most common interior and physical landscapes: the traumas of childhood, war and abuse, as well as instances of environmental and political degradation. Also here are celebrations of these interiors and exteriors as well. We hold tight to the effects of trees, trails, family, and wildlife whether to applaud or rebuke. We are honored to give you these generous poems with thanks to the talented poets who contributed to this sampler.

~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor

Yvonne Amey
These Thoughts I Lug from Childhood that Prevent Me from Becoming a Juggernaut

Jay Audrey
in my next life

KB Ballentine
All the Way Through

Jeanne Bryner
Letter from the Trenches

Russell Carisse

Julia Nunnally Duncan

Cathryn Essinger

The Willow Tree or Where to Lie Down

Jane Ann Fuller
Winter Wheat

Connie Jordan Green
Some Small Bone

Mark Allen Jenkins
Learning Southeastern Ohio's Curves

M. Daniel McCrotty

William Rieppe Moore
[The moon's cat eye is wide and close]

Matthew S. Parsons
Tark Hill Killings


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