Clean-fill by Russell Carisse

Piano cutting sandstone, clouds of pale
Dust bulge and pulse around the stonecutter,
Amorphous, con-saw like a nucleus.
Controlling the air/dust membrane by roars,
The throttle full out rips in with new growth,
To fall off again, chugging and singing,
Ringing, singeing hot blade spinning.
The animated dust devil moves stone
To stone, excreting little piles of strips,
Bits, chips, pulverized stoney debris,
And silicate sand, behind the freestones.
“Clean-fill,” he calls it, “to fill in the lake
And make new land for downtown to fill with
New projects, until fully developed.”

Russell Carisse is preserving one hundred acres of wood and wetland in New Brunswick, Canada. Here they're homesteading off-grid with their family of people and animals, growing food, and building a stone house from local and found materials. Russell's work can be found in The Paragon Journal. Their debut collection of poetry is Nomography (Sideroxylon Press, 2020).

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