[The moon's cat eye is wide and close] 
by William Rieppe Moore

The moon's cat eye is wide and close 
unblinking in the sharp current of
it's pneumatic repose. Don't look
too long old fool or its glow will blind you.

Near-blindness like soft-darkness shapes
the deranged forms about: roadbank, 
upper pasture, barnyard, and a hatless 
man trying for all the world to see.

See the wind stir atop the dewed grass
dressing its glassy fronds in cuts of moonlight.
Listen to the wild dogs of Greasy Cove
yelp at the cat-eyed moon.

William Rieppe Moore is from Richland County, South Carolina and moved to Unicoi County, Tennessee in 2012 with his wife, Cherith, where they practice homesteading and animal husbandry with their little girl. He is enrolled at East Tennessee State University pursuing an MA in English. His work has been published in Still: The Journal, Vita Brevis, Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, and Tiny Seed Literary Journal. His work has also received recognition from The Poetry Society of Tennessee.

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