Memory, that erratic wretch: A Poetry Sampler

I heard the poet Tyree Daye once describe his composition process as a “poetics of memory”—poems built and realized from remembering. “Memory, that erratic wretch”as poet Carol Grametbauer describes it in her poem "Shreds," included belowis the jumping off point for this sampler of poems curated for this issue. Some of the poets here remember dreams, other remember bits from childhood, and one even remembers an imagined life. All the poems gathered here are etched with unique data and retrieved in the most poetic ways. We think you’ll find your own memories bubbling to the surface while reading this compelling collection.


~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor

Les Brown
Dreams of Flying

Elizabeth Burton
For J.F. Dewar, Naturalist, Bird-Stuffer, and Importer of Fine Birds, 1892

Carol Grametbauer

R.K. Hamilton
The Tenth Plague

Eleni Karelis
Appalachian Mud

Linda Parsons
October Foot Washing

Roberta Schultz
Dark Shadows in Afterglow

Philip St. Clair
The Night I Let Death In

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