The Observable Universe: A Poetry Sampler 

The Observable Universe takes its title from Jen Stein’s poem included here in this sampling of poems that evokes our longings for the routines of the moon, the oceans, the “universe’s / slow rotation.” Read what happens when we ponder the night skies with its mysterious constellations and burning stars while “the moon sings its low / hymn of tides.”

We dedicate this collection to the memory of Michael Williams, one of the poets featured in this sampler, who left our universe too soon. 

~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor

Clint Carroll
     Starting Over

Jessica Fischoff 
     The Reciprocity of the Night Sky

Connie Jordan Green
     Sky Gazing

Marc Harshman
     I Keep the Door Open

Scott Honeycutt
     Floyd's Bluff

Llewellyn McKernan
     Going with the Flow

Anna Egan Smucker

Jen Stein
     The observable universe

Allison Thorpe
     Light and How It Falls Through Windows

Michael Williams
     The Moon Altogether

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