Your Body Bends Like Riverbanks
poetry by Amber Sparks

71% of the earth is comprised of water,

and by molecular design, so are we.

So, when I say loving you feels so natural,

so powerful, so cleansing,

that correlation becomes crystal clear.

Your heart is an expansive ocean,

yet I float comfortably coastal.

The ebb and flow of your currents,

the gentle rocking as I drift into dreams,

remind me that on these shores, I’m home.

You possess the power to both

baptize and drown me, and yet

be it the days of summer sprinkles,

or the nights of sudden storms,

I’ll dance, arms outstretched, in your rain.

Amber Sparks
was born in Kentucky with the brain of a scientist and the soul of a poet. She is currently working on a master’s degree in chemistry with a background in military research and development while working on publishing her first collection of poetry. Amber began her publishing career through the Little Town Poets Society, where she received The Poetic Supernova award for her work published in Hometown Poems, where this poem first appeared (reprinted here with permission).

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