Lessons: A Poetry Sampler

“A poem occurs when it actually is an experience, not the record of an experience. It’s when the writing
itself brings me somewhere I never thought I would go, and there’s a discovery in the writing.”

~Marie Howe, American poet

Here are poems that offer lessons: Instructions for grieving, for aging, praying. Lessons in how to love, how to be in community, how to know the moon, the heart, and the ordinary bliss of the daily. We admired how these poems keep giving and giving, and we offer them here as a sampler of some memorable teachings. 

~Marianne Worthington, poetry editor

Jay Butler

Being Yonder

Chelyen Davis
Such a Goddamn Hurry

D. A. Gray

Maggie Rue Hess
A Lesson in Crust

Jane Hicks
Moon Romance

Bethany Jarmul
Dear God, What's Beyond These Mountains?

G.H. Plaag
Bluegrass Fridays

Amber Sparks
Your Body Bends Like Riverbanks

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