2016 Literary Contests in Fiction, Poetry & Creative Nonfiction

Thanks to all our readers who entered and supported our 2016 Literary Contests at Still: The Journal. We are happy to announce our winners in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. The first-place winners and the judges’ choices appeared in our fall issue #22. Thanks also to our judges: Amy Greene for fiction, Ellen Hagan for poetry, and Sonja Livingston for creative nonfiction.

Winners & Finalists


First Prize:  Natalie Sypolt, “The Sound of Holding Your Breath”     

Judge’s Choice:  Monic Ductan, “Tim”   

Judge’s Choice:  Jayne Moore Waldrop, “Mint Springs”

Fiction Finalist:

Rebecca Elswick, "The Dark Has No Eyes"



First Prize:  Doug Van Gundy, “Last Thoughts on Electronic Voice Projection”

Judge’s Choice:  Jen Dracos-Tice, “Bidding on Gratification”

Judge's Choice:  Rick Mulkey, “An Explanation”

Poetry Finalists:

KB Ballentine, “Everyone Who Loves Grieves”

Sarah Diamond Burroway, “Crows”

Roberta Senechal de la Roche, “Blind Flowers”

D. A. Gray, “Cave Country”

Leah Hampton, “Balanced on a Bird for Afghanistan”

Sonja Johanson, “Kepler”

Cathy Kodra, “How to Swallow”

James Owen, “Carnage”

Matthew Parsons, “The Best (and Worst) of Last Night’s Fight”

Annie Woodford, “Won’t You Come In”

Creative Nonfiction:

First Prize: Rachel Rosolina, “Cold Light”     

Judge’s Choice: Richard Hague, “Uncoupling”     

Judge’s Choice: Christopher Martin, “Of War and the Red-tailed Hawk”    

Creative Nonfiction Finalists:

Cyn Fitch, “Dogs”

Karyl Anne Geary, “St. Joan, Sing Me Home”

Elizabeth Glass, “Stone, Water, Land, Spine”

Tia Jensen, “All That Leaks”

Anne Ney, “Genesis”

Ginny Rachel, “Parts and Pieces”

Amanda Schwartz, “They Look Normal, They Look Like Me”

Contest Judges:

Fiction ~ Amy Greene 

Amy Greene is the author of the national best-selling novel, Bloodroot (2010), a New York Times Editor’s Choice book and winner of the Weatherford Award. Her second novel, Long Man, was published to wide acclaim in 2014. She is a frequent contributor to The New York Times and other national publications. She was named 2010 Tennessee Writer of the Year and was recently inducted into the East Tennessee Writers Hall of Fame. She is a much sought-after teacher, lecturer, and writing workshop leader. Amy was born in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in east Tennessee and continues to live there.
Poetry ~ Ellen Hagan 

Ellen Hagan is a writer, performer, and educator. Her poetry collections are Hemisphere (2015) and Crowned (2010). Ellen's poems and essays have been widely published. Her performance work has been showcased at The New York International Fringe and Los Angeles Women's Theater Festival. She is the recipient of the 2013 NoMAA Creative Arts Grant and received grants from the Kentucky Foundation for Women and the Kentucky Governor's School for the Arts. A proud Kentucky writer, Ellen is a member of the Affrilachian Poets and Conjure Women. She lives with her husband and daughters in New York City.
Creative Nonfiction ~ Sonja Livingston 

Sonja Livingston is author of Ladies Night at the Dreamland (2016), which combines history, memory, and imagination to interact with and illuminate the lives of American women. Queen of the Fall (2015) uses memory and personal experience to consider the lives of girls and women she has known more personally. Her first book, Ghostbread (2009), won the AWP Book Award for Nonfiction and has been adopted for use by classrooms around the nation. She is recipient of many fellowships and grants, and her writing has appeared in national journals and anthologies. Sonja teaches in the MFA program at University of Memphis. She divides her time between Tennessee and New York State.


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