Issue 43: Fall 2023

Sarah Jane Gilliam                
Addison Griffis                      
Chris Helvey                          
Edward Karshner                   
Daniel Reiss                           
Rachael Marie Walker

Sarah Diamond Burroway on Peerless City, a documentary film

Still Life
Neema Avashia, Hello Stranger: Speculating on the Unknown, A Writing Prompt

Featured Artist
Ironwood Writers Studio at Hindman Settlement School, Class of 2023
Kelsey Helton
Brennan Hoskins
Fiona Jones
Tiffany Lin
Samantha Mattox
Clover Mullins
Dixie Ritchie
Laurel Ruff
Shiloh Sizemore
Virgil Voyles

Book Reviews
Laura Dennis on Appalachian Ecocriticism and the Paradox of Place, scholarly essays, Jessica Cory and Laura Wright, eds.
Seth Grindstaff on Bloodroot, poems by Bill King
Meredith McCarroll on Those We Thought We Knew, a novel by David Joy
Chris McGinley on Here in the Dark, stories by Meagan Lucas
Dale Neal on Is It So? Glyphs, Glimpses and Found Novels, stories by Kevin McIlvoy
Linda Parsons on Outside the Frame, poems by Catherine Pritchard Childress

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