Featured Artist

Featured Artists with Still: The Journal: A Retrospective

Since 2012, Still: The Journal has featured a visual artist or photographer with ties to the Appalachian region. We offer this retrospective of all the artists we've featured so far. Enjoy!

Issue 38: Neema Avashia
Issue 34: Emry Trantham
Issue 33: Lacy Hale
Issue 31-32: Doug Van Gundy
Issue 26: Beth Newberry
Issue 25: John Lackey
Issue 23: Greta McDonough
Issue 22: Meg Wilson
Issue 21: Lisa Flanary
Issue 20: John Haywood
Issue 19: John Edwin May
Issue 18: David Underwood
Issue 17: Russell Weedman
Issue 14: Arwen Donahue
Issue 13: Silas House
Issue 10: Erik Tuttle



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