Interviews with Still: The Journal: A Retrospective

Since 2009, Still: The Journal editors have talked with writers, artists, musicians, and activists about the creative process. Visit with all the folx we've talked to through the years.

Issue 40: Frank X Walker
Issue 39: Silas House
Issue 35: Ashley Blooms
Issue 34: Leah Hampton
Issue 34: Joy Priest
Issue 33: Wesley Browne
Issue 27: Wiley Cash
Issue 22-23: Kayla Rae Whitaker
Issue 18:  Aimee Zaring
Issue 16:  Rachel Garringer
Issue 14:  RB Morris
Issue 12:  Barbara Kingsolver
Issue 10:  Maurice Manning
Issue 6:  David Dick
Issue 4:  Fred Sauceman
Issue 2:  Carlene Carter
Issue 31-32: Matthew Ferrence
 Issue 29: Savannah Sipple
Issue 19:  Toby Gibson
Issue 17:  Roger May
Issue 15:  Denise Giardina
Issue 13:  Ron Houchin
Issue 11:  bell hooks
Issue 9:  Caroline Herring
Issue 7:  Hazel Durbin (Oral History with Vickie Cimprich)
Issue 3:  Amy Greene
Issue 1:  Jack Wright


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